20 cartes postales from 2016


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At the factory


I am the proud owner of a Monopoly Deal, 1880 Saigon Edition. Don’t ask me where I got it. From the font to the lithograph illustrations,  its cards host an art nouveau style. The names of the streets are bilingual: The colonial Rue d’ Espagne is also called Lê Thánh Tôn, a beloved road among locals. Rue Vannier is also named Ngô Đức Kê. When I play Monopoly Deal 1880 Saigon, my main strategy is to quickly gather the Electricity Company and Water Works cards. They don’t earn much money from rentals, but will help me succeed faster in the main game objective which is to produce three complete card sets. For this reason, as soon as the game begins, I go after Usine électrique and Usine des eaux. Continue reading

Garota d’ Ipanema

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Photo: thesartorialist.com

I spent my Easter in Rio de Janeiro. It was hard for me to believe (although I was prepared for it) that when I finally got there, I wouldn’t meet any perfect shaped and dazzling Giseles , nor Adriana Lima’s distant cousines, nor the ones of my beloved Ana Beatriz Barros. I wouldn’t want to dirty this website with any kind of racism, but the Rio girls, a mixture of Amazon Indians, descendants of Portuguese settlers and of African slaves, are simply not a pleasing sight.

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